Emotions are Real

Emotions are real.  We do cannot avoid them and they do not happen by accident.  Sometimes, however, we can do things to provoke our emotions.

You’ve probably never thought about it before, but the way we decorate a room could be a huge factor in our emotions.  Whether it be a picture or knick knack or the paint scheme and light fixtures, the things we fill a room with are also the things that surround us and remind us of people, memories and times past.

Previously on this blog I shared a wine bottle vase that I made as a souvenir from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I look at that vase every day and I think back to the warm sun, delicious BBQ and country music; and I’m filled with happiness.

I’m sure many of you have items, photos, or pieces that remind you of a friend or family member who is no longer with you.  You may feel sad when you look at those items because you missed your loved one.  On the other hand, you might feel happy when you look at those items because they remind you of all the joy they brought to your life.  Whatever it may be, these emotions are real and important.  If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have them and this is why I see so much significance in the items we simply “fill a room” with.

There’s so much more to it than that…..

Look around your dorm room or think back to a room back at home.  What kinds of memories/emotions spark due to the things you see in your room?


Haters Gonna Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate

Some of you are probably wondering why I care so much about home decor or why it matters.  My answer?  It’s just like anyone else’s hobby.  I don’t do video games, i’m not very into music beyond just listening to it and I don’t spend much time online- to be quite honest this blogging experience has been hard for me because it’s required me spend more time ‘surfing’ the Web.

And just like anyone else’s hobby I only wish for mine to be respected, just as I respect gamers or technophiles.

One of the arguments against home decor might be that there are plenty of other things to blow money on than new throw pillows.  Another may be, “why do you care so much about what your rooms look like?”

To address these arguments, I would make the same statement about anyone’s hobby.  There are always other things we could be spending (or saving) our money on, but that’s what makes a hobby, a hobby!  It wouldn’t be as fun if we were supposed to spend our money on it.  Our hobbies are the things that make us happy and keep us mentally healthy.  Sometimes hobbies even act as therapy- they bring us comfort, which is why every hobby should be respected.

Secondly, I care so much about what my rooms/home look like because I am a perfectionist.  I am bothered when things don’t match or at least complement each other.  I also feel that it is important, overall, to be well put together.  This could be due to the way I was raised- I was encouraged and taught to be well put together, neat & tidy and also to wear matching socks.  Last but not least, I have expensive taste and enjoy daydreaming (:

So no matter what it may be, please support and respect your peers & their choice of hobbies/guilty pleasures because the only difference between yours and theirs is the fact that theirs is different than yours.  (Sorry for getting all deep).

Home Decor as a Whole

So far my blogging experience on home decor has really pulled me even more into the hobby.  I’ve started watching more HGTV shows and spending more time on my Pinterest boards.

Even more, as this term continues and I close in on my last days at NCC, I’m starting to think about where exactly I want to settle down as a post-grad.  I’ve looked up apartments and houses and the price of rent has me stressed to the max.  I need to find a job!

Although I have not decided on a suburb nor do I have a job, I can’t help but daydream about what my first place will look like.  The plan is to move in with my boyfriend- we’ve been dating for three and a half years now and are ready for the next step.  More importantly, having a roommate will cut rent and expenses in half.  Tyler has already mentioned that the decorating is all up to me and that I am free to do whatever I want with our place (…as it should be 😉

I’m so excited for this next step and can’t help but to get ahead of myself.  Our mission over spring break is for at least one of us to have a job lined up so that we can decide on a location, then we apartment hunt! If you have any advice about the best way to find a good home, please let me know.  We need all the help we can get! Wish us luck!

Home Decor in Our Modern Culture

Just like everything else in the world, home decor is ever-changing in all aspects.  Designs change for each style, popular color schemes move in and out and patterns come and go.  But what about the people?  Are home owners mindlessly changing their decor based on modern culture and American values?  Does technology play a role in home decor changes?  These are all thoughts that occurred to me throughout our class discussions regarding technology and its influence on people.

In relation to home decor, I’m not sure I can make the argument that technology has made us smarter or not, but I definitely think that technology has driven creativity and the way we go about decorating.  Stores such as The Container Store and IKEA now have their own software and use tablets to design and layout every single room or closet of a home.  Even though this would probably still be possible without technology, it is done so easily and efficiently with it that there is no considering not using it.

Taking home decor to a less professional level, sites like Pinterest and YouTube provide photos, videos and DIY tutorials for the world to see!  These photos or videos were more than likely captured using the crafter’s smartphone, tablet or digital camera.  Nowadays these are devices that anyone can own and utilize for no additional fees or charges.  Oh the beauty of modern technology!

Contradicting the previous ideas, I did think of a way that technology might’ve imposed laziness on home decorators.  As we discussed in class, technology has changed our reading habits by allowing us to more easily skim passages to pull out necessary information.  I related this to more and more people going out and purchasing brand new furniture or accessories instead of taking the time to refinish pieces they already own or rummaging through antique/thrift shops for “project pieces.”  In other words, taking the easy way out.

Although my links between our class discussions and my topic may be a stretch, I was actually surprised at how quickly some of these ideas came to mind while I read the articles.  It goes to show that modern technology really has made its way into all fields of work through many different platforms.

Stop & Smell the Flowers

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and we’re left with a bunch of clearance aisle candy and cheesy Hallmark cards.  But some of us lucky ladies are also left with our beautiful bouquets that our Valentine’s picked out for us.

I love flowers- they always make me smile and make me genuinely happy.  Knowing this, my boyfriend actually doesn’t surprise me with flowers very often because I think he’s afraid that I’ll get tired of them and it won’t be a nice gesture anymore….SO not true.  He did, however, bring me the prettiest bouquet on Valentine’s Day morning.


I do not like roses, especially red ones, so I was thrilled when I saw an arrangement of different flowers and different shades of pink.  He did good!  After realizing that I didn’t have a vase to put the flowers in, we made a trip to the Naperville Goodwill store.  If you’re ever looking for a vase, keep thrift stores in mind!  They always always have an immense selection and often times have doubles or triples of the same vase.  I picked out a $3 vase with some straw tied around the top.  I was excited that it was already “decorated” because let’s face it, we all know that I would’ve added something to it anyways!

I hope all of you ladies who received Valentine’s Day flowers are enjoying yours as much as I am mine!

Merry Valentine’s

Although tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, it is only my second favorite holiday next to Christmas.  The two holidays celebrate different meanings but I love the love that is brought to the surface on these two days.  The Christmas season, though, is a whole month of love and decorations, which is why it takes the cake.

I’ve tried many Pinterest Christmas decorations, most of which have turned out great!  I search through holiday Pinterest posts throughout the year so I can build my DIY craft list, which tends to be pretty lengthy at Christmastime because I love giving these crafts as gifts.  I came across this project last week and it’s too cute not to share!  It’s got the vintage touch that I love along with tons of sparkly ornaments.  I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for a palette like this for the rest of the year.  Hopefully by the time the holidays roll around I’ll have a wall of my own to hang this on!


Here is the link to the direct blog site in case you’re interested in reading more! http://redheadcandecorate.com/4/post/2014/11/pallet-christmas-tree.html

I’m Going to be an Aunt!!!

Over the holidays I found out that I was going to be an aunt!  I was so excited that I cried happy tears.  This will be the first baby in our family in a very long time so everybody can hardly contain themselves.  Last week the expecting parents announced that they will be having a boy!  They are keeping names to themselves, but regardless of the name everyone is excited to meet baby boy come mid-June!

I have already offered and agreed to helping out with projects that need to be tackled before the baby comes.  This includes (yep- you guessed it) the nursery!  Helping with the nursery will be great and I’m sure it will look fantastic, but the most fun will be in a couple years when that boy is ready for a “big boy” room with all kinds of fun toys.

As usual, I went straight to Pinterest to find nursery ideas and toddler boy themes.  Below are some of my favorites that I came across.