Hello all.  I feel the need to apologize for the video in my previous post.  I’m not sure what happened, but it wasn’t the 2:32 minutes that it was supposed to be- only about half of that downloaded.  Also, there were a couple different views where you had to tilt your head- I’m pretty technology illiterate when it comes to video/photo editing, so I had no idea how to rotate just these parts of the video.

Unfortunately, no new information has come up regarding my topic or video.  I did my best to try and relate the video to all of you- I know we all have struggled with our dorm room at one point or another, but I tried to emphasize that it’s all about the elements you add to make your room unique!


A Peek Into my Dorm Room

As a last hooray, I thought it would be fun to give you all a little sneak peek into my own dorm room.  Throughout my blogging experience I’ve shared some photos and snippets of decorations in my room, but never really showed my room as a whole.

This mini “tour” highlights some of those crafts and DIY projects I’ve made, as well as offers a full view of my room at all angles.

Dorm rooms tend to be pretty infamous for their general grossness and receive a lot of criticism.  Although I’ve lived in nicer and am ready to move on from the dorm life, I think I got pretty darn lucky with my room.  It’s quite small, the smallest in my suite actually, but I have the BEST view of the plaza on campus where people hang out when it’s warm out.  And guess what?!  It’s finally starting to get warm out!! I’ve also made great use of the space that I do have.  For example, I have my bed lifted to the highest setting it can be on and I have shoved as much of my furniture as possible underneath it.  In my closet I’ve stacked shelving units on top of one another, taking full advantage of the vertical space.

What’s most important is that after a long day, I find comfort in walking into my room knowing that I have a comfortable place to relax and kick back 🙂

The Scentsy

My last 2 posts have been about boring, technical terms (no offense, Dr. Cramer!)  I thought it was time to spice it up again with some home decor talk!

A couple years ago I received one of the best Christmas gifts ever- a Scentsy!  For those of you who may not know what a scentsy is, you’ve probably seen one and just didn’t know the name- it’s an electric warmer that melts scented wax, like a flameless candle!  I’ve linked to their website in case you want to check it out.

Scentys are wonderful because they’re decorative yet unobtrusive, year round, and you can leave them on even when you’re not home!  I turn my Scentsy warmer on in the morning and leave it on throughout the day, that way my dorm room smells great as I’m going in and out.  Scentsys are perfect for college students because they’re actually allowed being that they’re flameless.

This is a photo of my Scentsy warmer where I have it set up in a cubby of a shelving unit in my room.

The most fun part about Scentsys is changing the scents with the the seasons! I have found that 2 wax melts on the warming plate will throw good scent for about a week.  Scentsy offers their own brand of wax, but the Glade brand from the grocery store works just as well.  You can also purchase more affordable warmers from department stores, boutiques and even hardware stores.

Tip:  To change the wax in your warmer without a mess, turn your warmer off and remove the plate that sits atop the bulb.  Place in the freezer for about 15 minutes, or until the wax has frozen.  Hold the plate over the garbage can while wiggling/pushing the wax with your thumbs.  It should pop right out in one big chunk!

These are 2 of the scents I have right now. The glade melts will be used throughout the spring and I’ll save the Scentsy “honey do” melts for summertime!

Online Disinhibition

Say what???

Online disinhibition occurs when an individual discloses more online, maybe in different ways, then he/she normally would in face-to-face communication.  The information disclosed can either be benign or toxic, but regardless makes the individual feel invisible.

I can relate this blogging experience to online disinhibition because if I were normally introducing myself to another person I probably wouldn’t disclose that home decor was a personal hobby.  I definitely wouldn’t have opened up about any of the personal memories or life events that I also shared on this blog.  I wouldn’t consider myself shy or inhibited, but I’m cautious about the information I choose to disclose.

Blogging could be a great way for a more introverted person to share their thoughts, opinions, hobbies, etc. with the rest of the world.  It’s a shame to think that such a platform could also be used for negative purposes by people with bad intentions.  I would encourage anyone looking to share their knowledge/passion on a subject, but unsure how to do so, to start a blog-keeping in mind that although some people out there may not respect it, there are more who do and really appreciate the content being shared.


As my posts near an end, I’d like to offer you some suggestions on different things you might be able to use DIY/home decor for in your future.  Even if this isn’t your strong suit or a major hobby there are some real benefits to DIY.

1. Gifting.  People always LOVE handmade gifts, especially when they’re personalized and it’s clear that a lot of work went into making it.  Often times this is also a great option if you’re trying to give gifts on a budget because materials usually come right out of your junk drawer, or can be purchased at the dollar store.

2. You’ll save a lot of money.  I promise you this!  Even if this doesn’t matter to you now because you’re still in school, when you near graduation and a real world budget starts weighing on your mind, things add up very quickly.  There are so many necessary expenses such as student loans, food, rent, utilities, car payments/maintenance, etc. that furniture can easily be forgotten.  Save your pennies where you can and don’t be lazy.  Pick up that old chest-of-drawers at the thrift store for $20 and put some elbow grease and TLC into it.  You’ll be proud of your work and end up with a piece that could last you years.

3. There is no shame in wanting things to look nice.  Surround yourself with things that you like or that reflect your personal style.  There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in the things you like.  Whether it be your own artwork, a colorful bedspread or a cool knick knack that you picked up at a garage sale, show it off!

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

I can’t help myself!  Weather forecasts are FINALLY starting to predict some warm(er) weather and I can’t help but look forward to spring and the Easter season.  Along with Easter candy, I just love the decorations in all the pretty pastel colors- they’re just too cute.

I’ve gone back to good ole’ Pinterest for some spring inspiration and I just had to share what I found!  There were a ton of clever ideas for door decorations, which I’m a huge fan of because it’s a great way to brighten up your home and greet guests.  Any of the following would also make great gifts for spring birthdays or for Easter hostess gifts 🙂


How cute is this bunny wreath?!  This would look great hanging on an outside door or inside on any door or wall.  The link below provides you a way to purchase the wreath, but after a couple laps around your nearest craft store and I’d bet you’d find all the supplies you need to make this on your own!  Bunny Wreath Etsy Shop



Come on, people, HOW CLEVER ARE THESE IDEAS???? I’m going crazy over here!  Either of these door decs would make your home one of a kind, and you wouldn’t have to break your budget because very few materials are required for each.  Learn how to make them here


If you’re looking to go all out with an entire porch remodel, check out this blog!  These ideas seem to be a bigger investment, but the end result is incredible!

Tweet, Tweet


Last night I live tweeted Episode 1 of a popular home renovation show, “Rehab Addict.”  The whole first season is on Netflix, where I recently discovered the show.  I chose this show because the host, Nicole, buys and flips old homes from the early 1900s.  Instead of completely updating the homes like most flippers would, Nicole makes a conscious effort to leave as many original pieces as she can, giving all rooms a vintage look.

I must start by saying, I absolutely love this show and am now addicted.  I’m going to be so sad when I run out of episodes to watch!  The only thing I’d probably do differently next time is combine two episodes for the live tweet event.  One episode is only 20 minutes long, and with the required 10 tweets I found myself tweeting tweets just to say something.

Although my live tweeting experience was not news worthy, now that I have completed it I realize how helpful live tweets could be as a form of news coverage.  Even though news coverage tends to be more formal, live tweets would be good for someone to keep up with a twitter follower who might share a similar opinion regarding a specific topic or event.  On the other hand, live tweets could annoy other followers who simply don’t care, resulting in an ‘unfollow.’

Although I love this show and this topic, I don’t think I’ll be doing much live tweeting in the future because not enough of my followers share the interest.