A Peek Into my Dorm Room

As a last hooray, I thought it would be fun to give you all a little sneak peek into my own dorm room.  Throughout my blogging experience I’ve shared some photos and snippets of decorations in my room, but never really showed my room as a whole.

This mini “tour” highlights some of those crafts and DIY projects I’ve made, as well as offers a full view of my room at all angles.

Dorm rooms tend to be pretty infamous for their general grossness and receive a lot of criticism.  Although I’ve lived in nicer and am ready to move on from the dorm life, I think I got pretty darn lucky with my room.  It’s quite small, the smallest in my suite actually, but I have the BEST view of the plaza on campus where people hang out when it’s warm out.  And guess what?!  It’s finally starting to get warm out!! I’ve also made great use of the space that I do have.  For example, I have my bed lifted to the highest setting it can be on and I have shoved as much of my furniture as possible underneath it.  In my closet I’ve stacked shelving units on top of one another, taking full advantage of the vertical space.

What’s most important is that after a long day, I find comfort in walking into my room knowing that I have a comfortable place to relax and kick back 🙂


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