Online Disinhibition

Say what???

Online disinhibition occurs when an individual discloses more online, maybe in different ways, then he/she normally would in face-to-face communication.  The information disclosed can either be benign or toxic, but regardless makes the individual feel invisible.

I can relate this blogging experience to online disinhibition because if I were normally introducing myself to another person I probably wouldn’t disclose that home decor was a personal hobby.  I definitely wouldn’t have opened up about any of the personal memories or life events that I also shared on this blog.  I wouldn’t consider myself shy or inhibited, but I’m cautious about the information I choose to disclose.

Blogging could be a great way for a more introverted person to share their thoughts, opinions, hobbies, etc. with the rest of the world.  It’s a shame to think that such a platform could also be used for negative purposes by people with bad intentions.  I would encourage anyone looking to share their knowledge/passion on a subject, but unsure how to do so, to start a blog-keeping in mind that although some people out there may not respect it, there are more who do and really appreciate the content being shared.


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