As my posts near an end, I’d like to offer you some suggestions on different things you might be able to use DIY/home decor for in your future.  Even if this isn’t your strong suit or a major hobby there are some real benefits to DIY.

1. Gifting.  People always LOVE handmade gifts, especially when they’re personalized and it’s clear that a lot of work went into making it.  Often times this is also a great option if you’re trying to give gifts on a budget because materials usually come right out of your junk drawer, or can be purchased at the dollar store.

2. You’ll save a lot of money.  I promise you this!  Even if this doesn’t matter to you now because you’re still in school, when you near graduation and a real world budget starts weighing on your mind, things add up very quickly.  There are so many necessary expenses such as student loans, food, rent, utilities, car payments/maintenance, etc. that furniture can easily be forgotten.  Save your pennies where you can and don’t be lazy.  Pick up that old chest-of-drawers at the thrift store for $20 and put some elbow grease and TLC into it.  You’ll be proud of your work and end up with a piece that could last you years.

3. There is no shame in wanting things to look nice.  Surround yourself with things that you like or that reflect your personal style.  There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in the things you like.  Whether it be your own artwork, a colorful bedspread or a cool knick knack that you picked up at a garage sale, show it off!


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