Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

I can’t help myself!  Weather forecasts are FINALLY starting to predict some warm(er) weather and I can’t help but look forward to spring and the Easter season.  Along with Easter candy, I just love the decorations in all the pretty pastel colors- they’re just too cute.

I’ve gone back to good ole’ Pinterest for some spring inspiration and I just had to share what I found!  There were a ton of clever ideas for door decorations, which I’m a huge fan of because it’s a great way to brighten up your home and greet guests.  Any of the following would also make great gifts for spring birthdays or for Easter hostess gifts 🙂


How cute is this bunny wreath?!  This would look great hanging on an outside door or inside on any door or wall.  The link below provides you a way to purchase the wreath, but after a couple laps around your nearest craft store and I’d bet you’d find all the supplies you need to make this on your own!  Bunny Wreath Etsy Shop



Come on, people, HOW CLEVER ARE THESE IDEAS???? I’m going crazy over here!  Either of these door decs would make your home one of a kind, and you wouldn’t have to break your budget because very few materials are required for each.  Learn how to make them here


If you’re looking to go all out with an entire porch remodel, check out this blog!  These ideas seem to be a bigger investment, but the end result is incredible!


One thought on “Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

  1. I love the wreaths! They’re so cheerful! Maybe you could do a video about making a simple spring wreath? That would be fun to watch!


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