Tweet, Tweet


Last night I live tweeted Episode 1 of a popular home renovation show, “Rehab Addict.”  The whole first season is on Netflix, where I recently discovered the show.  I chose this show because the host, Nicole, buys and flips old homes from the early 1900s.  Instead of completely updating the homes like most flippers would, Nicole makes a conscious effort to leave as many original pieces as she can, giving all rooms a vintage look.

I must start by saying, I absolutely love this show and am now addicted.  I’m going to be so sad when I run out of episodes to watch!  The only thing I’d probably do differently next time is combine two episodes for the live tweet event.  One episode is only 20 minutes long, and with the required 10 tweets I found myself tweeting tweets just to say something.

Although my live tweeting experience was not news worthy, now that I have completed it I realize how helpful live tweets could be as a form of news coverage.  Even though news coverage tends to be more formal, live tweets would be good for someone to keep up with a twitter follower who might share a similar opinion regarding a specific topic or event.  On the other hand, live tweets could annoy other followers who simply don’t care, resulting in an ‘unfollow.’

Although I love this show and this topic, I don’t think I’ll be doing much live tweeting in the future because not enough of my followers share the interest.


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