Merry Valentine’s

Although tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, it is only my second favorite holiday next to Christmas.  The two holidays celebrate different meanings but I love the love that is brought to the surface on these two days.  The Christmas season, though, is a whole month of love and decorations, which is why it takes the cake.

I’ve tried many Pinterest Christmas decorations, most of which have turned out great!  I search through holiday Pinterest posts throughout the year so I can build my DIY craft list, which tends to be pretty lengthy at Christmastime because I love giving these crafts as gifts.  I came across this project last week and it’s too cute not to share!  It’s got the vintage touch that I love along with tons of sparkly ornaments.  I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for a palette like this for the rest of the year.  Hopefully by the time the holidays roll around I’ll have a wall of my own to hang this on!


Here is the link to the direct blog site in case you’re interested in reading more!


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